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A little bit about me

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

So I thought I'd share a little bit more about me, Tanya, the owner and artist of Fiadh + Finn. Here I am in my favourite spot doing what I love. A lot of what I draw is inspired by my own childhood, (like the old wire fence in my Farm Animal personalised print which is taken from my memories of my Great Grandmothers’ fields and the old lane up to the house) but a lot of what inspires my illustrations are my own children and their adventures.

They are constantly in their own world making up stories about animals that talk, minding their dolls and living in the moment. I find it fascinating the way they think and learn and I try to bring some of their innocent joy into my drawings. I love telling them about all the animals around us and seeing their interest in nature is pure joy for me.⁠

I have always loved to draw and make things. I treasure the ability to share my characters and draw inspiration from my surroundings and my two little helpers. I am grateful every day for this life. Being inspired by Ireland’s natural beauty I am dedicated to playing my part in being environmentally friendly and sustainable in my business at Fiadh + Finn and making unique Irish art gifts that will make children and adults smile.

Thank you anyone who has followed along, shared my posts and bought my work. It means so much, Tanya xxx


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