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It Started With A Story


Fadó fadó…

....there lived a little girl who loved to draw. Her imagination was filled with stories about forest fauna and fairy tales. As time went by, she was happiest of all with a pencil or paintbrush in her hand.


When she grew up and became a mother she had two children who also loved forest stories. She began to draw these tales for them. Her two little children learned all about Irish nature and their imaginations grew. Everywhere they went they imagined new characters and adventures. 


One day they saw two wild rabbits behind their house in the country and began to make up stories about the adventures the two rabbits would have together and the friends they would make along the way.


And knowing that her little children would one day grow up too, she decided to create something that would capture this special connection and all that it stood for, the beauty and wonder of the natural world that is all around us.


And so Fiadh & Finn was created to keep the magic of stories alive for children and their families.


The mother still loves having a pencil or a paintbrush in her hand. 


Fiadh and Finn Rabbits

Fiadh (meaning respect, wildness and little deer) & Finn (meaning bright and fair haired) are two little rabbits who love to play, explore and create adventures. They live in the countryside and love to spend their days going on picnic’s, creating fairy-tale stories and fun exploits. Fiadh enjoys climbing, gardening and eating dandelions. Finn loves to go on their swing and eat radishes.

This illustration collection has been built around Fiadh and Finn rabbits and their story and are designed to be playful, to recreate the nostalgia of childhood and to inspire children to dream of what they can create. Picnic in the garden, treasure hunts, swimming lessons and games of hide and seek.


Artist Tanya

Tanya is an Irish illustrator and mother to two little girls (the inspiration for Fiadh rabbit and Finn rabbit), living in the beautiful countryside of Kildare in Ireland. Inspired by her children and their sense of wonder. Having a lifelong affinity for art, Irish nature and a love of interiors and the impact our surroundings have on ourselves and our children Tanya created Fiadh & Finn to make unique Irish art gifts that will be treasured for generations. 


She has drawn on her design background to create a collection of original illustrations in traditional watercolours, depicting Irish animals, birds and plants that surround her in the countryside. These framed art gifts are intended to be treasured keepsakes that reflect an innocence and joy in childhood and the sibling bonds.

Being grateful for a life surrounded by nature; Tanya works from her studio in Kildare.

Irish Design Supporting Local and Irish


Member of Guaranteed Irish

Fiadh & Finn is a proud member of Guaranteed Irish. The symbol is awarded to businesses that create quality jobs, contribute to local communities and are committed to Irish provenance. Championing business in Ireland since 1974,


Member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland

Fiadh & Finn is a registered member of the Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) – the national agency for the development of Irish designers and makers, who provide support to help makers develop and market their products. Their vision is that Ireland is recognised and valued for its culture of design and craft. 


Member of Network Ireland Kildare

Established in 1983, Network Ireland is a progressive, dynamic organisation supporting the professional and personal development of women. Fiadh & Finn is proud to be a member of the Kildare branch

Part of the Made Local Campaign 

Made Local, a nationwide initiative developed by DCCI, which aims to spotlight some of Ireland’s most talented craftspeople, while boosting sales and driving revenue for makers and retailers alike. Fiadh & Finn is proud to be part of this campaign.


Registered Member of Original Kildare

Original Kildare is a multidisciplinary arts and crafts collective bringing together some of the finest professional designers and craftspeople in County Kildare. Founded in 2020, the group was set up with the aim of fostering the creativity and exceptional talent of Kildare’s craftspeople and promoting their work to a wider audience.